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PET Flakes

We Deal in PET Flakes Grinding. To know Latest Market price Download Our App Plastic scrap Wala Mobile App. Price News Trade and Analysis. Bislery Bottle Scrap washed flakes, Cold washed pet flakes, PET Flakes unwashed, PET fines Washed flakes, Pani pepsi bottle scrap washed flakes. PET flakes fibre grade, PET flakes sheet Grade, PET Flakes B2B 30 PPM, PET Flakes Food Grade.

PET Strap Roll

Polypropylene, Polyester and Steel are the most used strapping materials. All three have their own benefits and limitations and their selection depends on the specific needs of the industry. Bands made by these materials are named as Polypropylene strap (PP strap), Polyester Strap PET Strap Roll and Steel strap. PET Strap Rolls are preferred by the industries for heavy load applications. PET straps can sustain high tension for longer duration of time and have high stretch recovery.

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